Monday, January 19, 2009

YES.....We're Alive!!

I dont know what it is about blogging but the longer you wait to blog, the harder it is to get on and do it!! Life has been CRAZY at the Arnold home!! Between Drake's ear infections, the Holidays, my 25th Birthday(Ahhhhh!) and house hunting, I just have not had the time to BLOG!! So here we are almost a month later to update you all on the latest pictures.....

from our family to yours!!

Brian took me to The Roof Restaurant at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for my birthday at it was a Beautiful sight! We had a gorgeous view of the Salt Lake Temple and the food was amazing...I think I ate a whole plate of shrimp! I have to say I was spoiled by my sweet Husband....he likes to say that from December to April he non-stop is buying presents! I love that!! There is Christmas(December), my Birthday (January), Valentines, Our Anniversary (March), and Mothers Day and Drakes Birthday in April! WOW good thing money grows on trees!!

We were invited to a party at "MY GYM" and Drake had the best time playing in the BALLS and crawling around with his cousin Hudson.

This Christmas was so fun! It is the best having kids to share it with! It was our first Christmas in our own place! Drake got this cute horse so he can just bounce away! If any of you know Drake, you know he loves to jump and bounce so this gift was PERFECT! We spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Brians family......until next year......