Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yeah!!! Law School Graduation!!!

As I look back over the past three years I cant help but remember how far we have come! We moved to Spokane Washington so Brian could attend Gonzaga Law school in August of 2005. I literally cried for days and days! I thought it would never end! We had friends tell us that were in their third year, Jared and Emily King, that it would fly by and I thought they were just trying to make me feel good! But I can honestly say that it flew by! What a blast we had and the friends we made we will never forget. I am so proud of Brian. The poor guy would get so sick every semester during finals with sinus infections, swollen tonsils, canker sores and back problems because of the stress! He was a new man the second they were over and then we would party like crazy! I waited for this day for three years, Brian had waited his whole life and Drake showed up at the end to party! That was the best ending! I love you Brian, thanks for taking care of me and Drake. Thank you for being the best husband and the cutest dad. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! We made it!!!!!
Brians mom and dad and his brother Ashton we there. That meant so much to us!
I love this picture of the dads with their sons! Both law school babies!
These are Brians two best friends, Malone and Spencer. They all hung in there together!
Like father like son! Drake has some great footsteps to follow in.
My cute brother Tyler and his wife Sunee and their daughter Braxton and new baby Brolin came to the graduation. Thanks for sharing this fun day with us! We miss you already!

Monday, May 5, 2008

More Fun Pictures of the Arnold Family

This our good friends, the North's, little girl Brinley(think I spelled it wrong!) She just loved Drake and wanted to hold him. She was so cute with him! When they took him from her lap she would put out her arms to hold him more. We are really going to miss their family.

Drake went to church for his first time yesterday and he was such a good boy! I think that was the last time he will get to wear that cute outfit though. He is getting bigger everyday! That was our last time in our ward too cause we are moving back to Utah in a week! We were so blessed to have such a neat ward and we will really miss them.

I LOVE my Moby wrap! Drake loves it too. It is a huge piece of fabric and it wraps around your body in a certain way and then there is several different positions you can put the baby in. This happens to be Drakes favorite position right now. I can get things done finally! Most importantly, I can work on my blog and he is just right there with me not making a peep!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I was tagged....About my sweet Hubby

1. what's his name? Brian Elliott Arnold
2. how long have you been together? 3 years and 2 months...WOW!
3. how long did you date? 2 months...yep thats right, 2 months
4. who eats more? he does...90% of the time
5. who said 'I love you' first? Brian...SLC airport parking lot
6. who is taller? Brian
7. who sings better? me...he is a tad bit tone deaf!
8. who is smarter? Brian for sure...he is the one with the doctorate!
9. who does the laundry? we both do
10. who does the dishes? Brian...he rocks at pots and pans!
11. who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me
12. who pays the bills? now that Drake is here, Brian does and school loans!
13. who mows the lawn? thats the joy of renting! No Lawn
14. who cooks dinner? If the Jazz have a game Brian does....otherwise I do.
15. who drives when you are together? Brian always does
16. who is more stubborn? me for sure
17. who kissed who first? Brian kissed me...thats when I knew I loved him
18. who asked who out first? Brian asked me
19. who proposed? Brian
20. who is more sensitive? definately me
21. who has more friends? I think I do but Brian has more best friends
22. who has more siblings? same same
23. who wears the pants in the family? we both do

I tag...whoever else reads this

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pretty much the cutest pictures EVER!

These are the most recent pictures of Drake. This is one of my favorite outfits of his. I think blue is his color!

This binkey has really saved our lives sometimes! These are some pictures of Drake in the bath.
Isn't he the cutest!

I just love this picture! He is starting to love the bath but as soon as I pull him out to get dressed he lets out the biggest scream. So what do you think....does he look like his dad or what?

Finally! My own Blog!

Thanks to my sister-in-law Alicia I now have my own blog! I am so excited about it! I think Brian is happier because I wont be bugging him anymore about changing his.