Sunday, December 21, 2008


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This year for Christmas my parents took all the kids and spouses to Rodizios! It was soooo yummy!!

We had such a blast! Thanks Mom and Dad!


Well is is safe to say that Drake did NOT like Santa Clause!

And he did NOT like Frosty! One word......PRICELESS!!

Our friends (Santa and Frosty!) came to El Burrito where my family was eating and gave the kids a little show! Some loved it and some hated it! Too Funny! It would not have been a party without a picture with Santa and the Ladies!!

Happy LATE Birthday SIS!!

I know this post is a little late but I had to wish my sister a HappyBirthday !! WOW 27!!

I have to tell you all what an amazing person my sister Jen is! She has got to be one of the most loving, kind, generous and sincere person in my life. She would do anything for anybody, really she would! Once you have Jen as a friend, she will be on your side and in your corner for life. Jen is one of the few people in my life who truly gets me and who truly has never ever judged me or anyone else. Everyone wants to be around Jen, that explains the party after party that is held at her house! She makes everyone feel comfortable around her....she is one of the only people I feel comfortable around enough to open her fridge or tell her my deepest darkest secrets. Now dont you want to be her friend?? How could you not??
I do have to say that things have not always been peachy! Jen used to hate it, when we were living at home and not married, when I would ask her I I could sleep with her! I liked to be close and snuggle and she DID NOT! She would always tell me to scoot over and MOVE! She hated sharing a bathroom with me because of my endless supply of hair on the floor and in the sink! She hated to clean the bathroom after me! She also liked to steal my new clothes and shoes and wear them before I got a chance and that meant WAR! Well besides those few things I can still honestly say that I love Jen soooo much and I am so glad she is my sister.
Some other things that are so fun about Jen is no matter what day or time it is she is always wanting to hang out and go to lunch! I think we do that at least 3 times a week or more! I love just going over to Jens and hanging out and making treats! we both are into the "sugar" thing so Jen is always down for a good treat! And no matter what she says, we will get pregnant again together! I need my sister for that! This post would not be complete without mentioning what an absolutely amazing mommy she is! Her two little girls act and talk just like her and her little guy just cant get enough of her! I hope that I am half the mom she is. I love you Jen and I am so glad you are my sister and best friend! Happy LATE Birthday!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

Well the whole Arnold clan decided to take a little trip to Temple Square to see the lights and it was beautiful! Something about going and seeing the lights really puts me in the mood for Christmas!

I love watching the Nativity scene and listening to our beloved past prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, tell us the story when Jesus was born in a stable to Joseph and Mary. I hope that my family always remembers the true meaning of Christmas....this is what it is all about.

We decided to take the Trax to Temple Square and that was pretty interesting with a little guy and a stroller but we made it! So this is us waiting for our ride!