Friday, August 15, 2008

I AM.......

i am: sitting next to Brian while he is playing x-box....weird!!!
i think: that I might need a treat soon!
i know: that I have an eternal family
i want: to go to Hawaii
i have: to go pick up Brians brother from work
i dislike: that Obama might be our next President!
i miss: the "student life" and being in Spokane Washington
i fear: losing one of my family members
i feel: overwhelming love when I look at Drake
i hear: X-box in the background and the washer and dryer
i smell: my lotion I just put on...something with citrus
i crave: chocolate and reality TV
i cry: when I think back to the day I gave birth to Drake... So so special!
i usually: check my blog once a day...ok maybe twice!
i search: for really good deals when shopping
i wonder: what it will be like when Drake starts walking
i regret: having serious boyfriends (in the past!!) and not going away to college
i love: being a MOM
i care: too much about what I look like
i always: have Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast
i worry: that Drake will be sleeping with us till he is 4!!!
i am not: a hard core mom.....I give in all the time!!
i remember: what mine and Brians first kiss was like...amazing!!
i believe: that Integrity is the best quality to have
i dance: ONLY when I am alone and while cleaning!!
i sing: in front of Brian...he is the only guy (that has been close to me) that I will let hear me sing
i don’t always: wind up the vacuum of Brians pet peeves!
i argue: ME??? Argue??? Never!!!
i write: in my journal about twice a month
i win: at SPEED (card game)
i lose: anything related to sports against Brian
i wish: that Brians school loans were paid off and that Obama will NOT be president!
i listen: to Drake laugh and it makes me laugh
i don't understand: how I am going to be able to go back to college...but I really want to!
i can usually be found: at home...I love to be home
i am scared: of spiders and of driving in the snow
i need: to make others around me feel good
i forget: Birthdays!!
i am happy: when I am with Brian and Drake on a Sunday drive

I tag....Alicia, Natalie and Emily....cant wait to read yours!!! I really had so much fun doing this one so I decided to tag everyone on my list of favorite bloggers!!! Please do it!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A little family time

So Brian, Me and Drake spent some much needed family time(now that the BAR is over!!!) and went to Fat Cats in Ogden for some bowling. My sister Jen came with her husband Trent and some friends of theirs. We had a blast!! I am sure that Brian would love for me to let everyone know that he won BOTH games! Oh and just a little P.S..... I LOST BOTH!! Not that it matters!!

Whats up with Drake's face?? I don't know!!

Oh...Just Brian and I getting our bowl on.

Can I just say..... Yeah, It's OVER!!!!!

This post is a little late but I just had to say how happy I am that Brian has finally taken the Utah State BAR and it is over!!!!!!!!! He took it July 29th and 30th, 8 hours each day! After days upon days and hours upon hours of studying I finally have my husband back! He does not get his results back until October sometime but I know without a doubt he did just fine. He had so many people fast for him and his name was put in several temples...Thankyou to everyone who did those things for him and also for your prayers.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

This is hilarious!!

Drake has definately found his voice! I had to post this video because it is just the cutest! If that does not make you happy then you might need to go to therapy..... Enjoy!