Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chuck E Cheese!!

Drake made some new friends at Chuck E Cheese!! My nephew, Landen, turned 5 so of course we had to have a party!

The Life and Times of the Arnolds

Well our little sweetie pie had to get TUBES in his ears! He had 8 ear infections over the course of 6 months and a ruptured ear drum! I was soooo over it! So thank heavens for the tubes! He was like a new baby.....he is laughing like he has never laughed before! Still not sleeping through the night but he is getting better and better. This is Drake with the anastheseologist before his big surgery, he went right to him and down the hall they went! 2 hours later we were going home!

My sister and I took the kiddos to play at Burger King and they loved it! I had to post these pictures of Drake, I think I have a major crush on him! Ladies.....back off!He's MINE!


Brians family threw a party for my 25th Birthday! Thanks you guys!