Friday, August 14, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Brian and I took a much needed vacay ALONE for the first time in a few years! We headed to Las Vegas the end of July and had a BLAST! We sat by the pool each day and had tons of fun just sitting! I love Pina Coladas so I Brian goes and buys me one that costed $12.00 and it tasted horrible! One sip and that was all I could do. What a waste! I could have bought two shirts from Ross for the price of that one drink!

This guy tried his best to totally relax but he just couldn't do it! He ended up working and being on the phone part of the trip. But then I realized that because of his hard work we get to go on vacations! How thankful I am for a husband that works so hard and still makes the time to play with us.

I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was all the amazing restaurants! We ate the BEST food! This restaurant was called Del Toro and it was decicious favorite!

You know.....sometimes you gave to grab life by the horns. Cheesy! I love it! Ultimate man picture.

We went to our first show and fell in love with it! We now are determined to see many more Vegas shows! La Reve was absolutely incredible!

Until Next Time.............

Pow Mow

The Whole ARNOLD family decided to take a little vacay to camp (hotel style) at Powder Mountain. That is exactly how we hotels!


The kids loved throwing rocks into the lake.....especially Drake. (I had to put that because it rhymed! )

Drake and his cousin Rock loved the 4-wheeler! They had to be on it at all times!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Favorites

FAVORITES! Here is just a few.....if you cant find the little man he can usually be found in this red chair with a book. He is so into books! He loves them! After every turn of the page he will do a little giggle and it makes us laugh. He loves to look at himself after he is all ready for the day and say "cheese" in the mirror. This is his cheese face and I LOVE it! And of course I had to put a picture of us because "Emy" (Aka Mom!) is his most favorite of all!


I put Drake in swim lessons this year. I had a blast but I'm not sure he did! This was the day of his graduation and by the look on his face you can tell exactly how he feels about it! He did NOT like his teacher! One to many dunks and he had it with her!