Thursday, April 23, 2009


Everyone is invited! To see these watches go to the link I have on right hand side of my blog(Glitsy). She is way cheaper than anyone I know! These really do make great Mothers Day/Grandma/Sister/Girlfriend/Daughter Gifts! You can also order from her website as well.

To get the home address leave me your email address.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Drake's One Year Pictures

OK How Cute Is This?

I know what you are thinking! ADORABLE right?

This photographer is absolutely FABULOUS!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Somebody Turned ONE!

For Drake's FIRST BIRTHDAY we CELEBRATED at SURF N SWIM! We all had so much fun! I wanted to tell everyone who came THANK YOU for coming and for loving Drake!

Daddy and Drake

Drakes cousins and Uncle Ashton(in the orange floaties)!

The other little ladies in Drakes life!

Me and my sisters and mom

and more sisters!

We are so grateful for Drake in our life! He keeps us laughing and crying almost DAILY!
We love you more that you'll ever know!
Happy Birthday Drake!

Thanks again everyone!

St. George!

I had to post our latest family picture!! I think its HILARIOUS!! We are totally calm but someone else is NOT!
Anyways....we had so much fun in St.George! Brian had to drive to and from St.George 4 times that week due to work so he might rate his fun different from mine! I was very grateful that he did that so we could have "dada" there as well!

My cute sisters were there as well and they put together a little Easter Egg Hunt and the kiddos loved it!!

Drake and I had fun sitting in the hot tub...he was NOT a fan of the other pool! He would scream and scream! Brian was at the gym so he missed out!

My sisters were in another condo and we tried to keep our visits on the shorter side because one by one they all got the flu! I wish we could have had more of our late night chats....they are the best! We spent most of the time with Brians family, we had such a fun time! St.George is one of those trips we look forward to every single year and it never lets us down!

Powder Mountain

Skiing this winter has been a BLAST! We went skiing around ten times or so and I waited and waited for some decent pictures of us and it never really happened! Oh well! So.....for our last Big Hoorah at POW MOW we went up with Scott and Tara on her Birthday. The picture below is of Scott totally CRASHED in the trees! We were all just skiing along, enjoying the absolutely beautiful scenery in Cobabe Canyon and we see some skis in the air! Nothing else but snow and skis! As we go farther along, we see, nestled in the tree, Scott! We died laughing! He was trying to ski backwards and obvioulsy has not mastered that one yet!!

Scott and Tara, Brians sister and her hubby

Me and B

Whoever has not been skiing at POW MOW, you have to go! The snow is literally amazing! It is the largest privately owned ski resort with the best runs and high speed lifts! You would not be disappointed! I cant get enough of it up there.....not to mention the amazing food when your so totally hungry after hours of skiing!
Until next ski season........

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey All!!

Just so you know....I will be doing a new post tomorrow!! I figured that if I said this then I would make sure I would do it! I dont know why it is so hard for me to blog lately! There has been so much going on that now I feel overwhelmed! BUT....I will, I will, I will post tomorrow!