Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's ALL about Drake these days!

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Where in the heck have we been theseFont size days?? I have a lot of catching up to do! Our most recent event was the wedding of Brian's brother Taylor and his cute wife Paige!

All the Groom's Men

The Beautiful Bride Paige

What Studs they are! Drake and Rockwell

The funny thing about this tree is that I remember climbing it when I was a little girl! So I could not pass up the chance to get some pictures of Drake doing the same thing! OK...he didnt climb it!

Drake and Dad at the Gateway
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Like I said! Its ALL about Drake these days! He is getting so BIG and so CUTE! He is saying lots of words which crack me up everytime he says them! I make him say things ALL day long! He is saying mom, dad, dog, banana(nana), please(peees), baby, go, cat, Jesus, papa and thats all I can think of right now! He loves to play with his cousins and he loves to be outside.

These pictures are hilarious! He loves to play with daddy! Everytime Brian lays down on his stomach he does one of two things....he will pull his hair or get on his back for a ride! When he gets on his back he'll say " go, go" and Brian takes him for a crazy ride!

Drake has finally gotten used to the grass but for a long time he absolutely HATED it! When we would try to put him down he would do all he could to not be in that grass!

Both feet up!

I had to end with this funny picture! This little guy is pretty serious most of the time but he also likes to be funny and make people laugh! And thats exactly what this picture is all about!