Thursday, February 25, 2010


OK I'm BACK! I have been putting this off for waaaaaay to long! I just decided to start fresh and TRY to keep up. We have had some LARGE changes in the Arnold home. I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant and I'm having another little Mr. Arnold. I'm very excited!! Drake is definaltely approaching the big 2 years old. Don't get me wrong.....he is hilarious and pretty much the light of our lifes but for the first time yesterday I was told I was MEAN! Not gonna lie, it broke my heart! Brian partnered up with two other guys and started a law firm....Nicholls, Wadsworth & Arnold. And OH MY he is busy! Other than that we are happy and healthy and ready for our new addition!!

TrEeHoUsE MuSeUm

Is that the best picture EVER? Drake and I went to the Treehouse Museum and had a blast! He loved the firetrucks and the horses and books and pretty much EVERYTHING!

WHOA Horsey!

ChRiStMaS 2009

We had the BEST Christmas EVER last year! My favorite gift was the diamond wedding band I have been wanting and Brians favorite gift was his ski boots. Drake's favorite gift was his tent that has these tunnels coming out of it. We had so much fun having our very OWN family Christmas morning, video camera and all! P.S. I'm 4 months preggers in this picture.....just sayin!

My little man!