Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I CUT MY HAIR!!!!!!! Who is in shock??? ME!!!! Last Thursday night I was feeling crazy so I called my sister in law around 8 p.m. and told her I was in the "mood" to cut my hair and if I didnt do it now I NEVER would so at 9 p.m. I went over there and did it!! I wanted a long A-LINE and bangs so this is the result. I am really liking it! The bangs are the biggest shock to me. More people notice the bangs more than the cut....that is until I turn around!! I am planning on growing out my bangs because I love the "swoop" bangs to the side but for now these are fun! I will also probably grow out my hair but again..... I do love A-LINES and all the body I get from it being like this!

We shall see!!


Meet the newest addition to the Arnold Family...Billybob!!

My sister in law Alicia gave me this binkey and it cracks me up everytime he has it in!! I think you will agree???

Sunday, September 14, 2008

BRIAN PASSED THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had such a CRAZY Saturday.....Drake was sin need of some church clothes so we decided to go to Gateway cause the shopping is much better than Layton!! So we ended up getting him some way cute things which led us to working up an appetite. We were walking to California Pizza Kitchen to get my favorite salad (BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad...gotta try it!) and on our way this girl asked us if we were hungry. I told her "no" thinking she was weird but then I looked at her better and she was cute and dressed nice so I decided I could trust her. Then I said "well, why? Any good suggestions?" and she said she worked Tucanos (just like Rodizios at Trolley Square) and that she had coupons for buy 1 get 1 free meals. That was all she needed to say and we headed up there for lunch! It was great...awesome salad bar. So while we were eating we get a phone call from Brians really good friend from Law School letting him know the results were in. We were not expecting them until October!! So Brian had his friend look up his results and.............HE PASSED! So then I immediately start crying! What a blessing!!! We were on cloud nine pretty much. We were just so happy!! We are not much into the PDA (public display of affection) but man were we kissing like 20 times!! He told me to stop crying cause he didnt want anyone to think he was making me cry...I kept crying anyway!

Needless to say........He is an official Attorney!! Three years and lots of debt later!!! We were mailed the acceptance letter that day.......I am so proud of him......On to the next chapter of our lives.......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Okay Okay....I made up my mind!!!

So I think I will wait to have another baby!! Thanks to Kattie's comment!! Sometimes I want what I cant have!! If I really got preggers right now, would I really want to be? I think not. I love feeling good, especially with Drake so small, and I love being able to give all my attention to him! Sorry Brian! My pregnancy with Drake was great besides the AWFUL rash I got..... I was allergic to male DNA! What? Crazy!! So when I was reminded of that, I decided I could wait too. The nice thing is that I am young still and I have all the time in the world. Just wait..... next month I will be pregnant!! Ok I really hope not!! Thanks for your comments........

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Was I really that big??

So I know that Drake is only 5 months but for some reason I want to be pregnant again! I know, I know, I am crazy but I really miss it! Plus Drake is getting so big and I already want another one! Drake needs a little brother or sister! Brian says I am nuts but I know if it came down to it he would say OK! So I decided to look at my prego pictures in hopes that it would cure this desire....and it might have worked! I was huge! Granted Drake was over 9 POUNDS!! But I was big.....I didnt feel that big but wow, was I wrong!
Anyways......I think I will wait a while! Plus I would have to stop nursing and i am not ready for that.....either is Drake.
What do you all think? Is this normal?

The night before I had Drake...on the way to the hospital.

I was seven months along here

Major Milestones at FIVE months!!

Those two teeth I think are the cutest! P.S....did anyone warn you that teething is like the worst??

I just cant believe he is sitting up! He looks too little for that!