Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drake turned 2!!

This little boy in these pictures LOVES the Wonder Pets!
So of course he HAD to have a Wonder Pets 2 year old Birthday Party!!
We invited friends and family to the Classic Fun Center in Layton for a BIG party!

Drake had a 2 year old BLAST!

My HOMEMADE Wonder Pets cake....that kept me up until 2:30 am and up bright and early the next morning to finish. I had the Birthday Boy by my side eating the frosting as I finished the cake!

Our little 2 year old!

We ended the birthday party at a decent time so all the men could attend Priesthood Conference. Drake was still in the mood to party so we went to Red Robin with Grandma Arnold, Aunt Abi, Uncle Ashton and Aunt Paige while the boys attended Priesthood. Drake got a chocolate milkshake AND an ice cream dessert....which he LOVED!


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