Monday, August 9, 2010

Drake FINALLY meeting his little brother

Im pretty sure that Drake fell in LOVE with his little brother just like mommy and daddy did! Drake stayed with Grandma Arnold the three days I was in the hospital and each and every day I couldnt wait to see Drake.....I missed him SO much!

Drake LOVES to be right by me when I nurse Jax and he has to help me burp him!

These two have pretty much been inseperable since Jax xame into our family

To say that I had some "difficulties" I guess would be a MAJOR under statement while in the hospital! But through it all Brian and I ARE and HAVE been so blessed with a CALM, HANDSOME baby boy whom we are SO in Love with.


Jason and Tricia said...

Congrats you guys! I can't wait to meet the little guy in person! Tony's baby... :)

TyandSun said...

I love this pictures Em. I hate being so far away that I don't even get to see all the pictures! Love you guys! You have such a beautiful and amazing family!